About Company

We aim to make a vital difference to ensure the health of everyone at hospitals and medical facilities are kept to an optimum level.

It is our passion to provide protective equipment to secure everyone in the medical fraternity for common use, especially during epidemics or pandemics, whether current or possible events for the future, whenever the need arises. We aim to make a vital difference to ensure the health of everyone at hospitals and medical facilities is kept to an optimum level.

There is no compromise on the health of our doctors and medical professionals. We strive to ascertain that we offer the best healthcare products and gears, acknowledged and certified by authoritative bodies, that are stringently adhered to the highest examinations as required by international standards.

We wish to give support to hospitals, medical centres and healthcare facilities to ensure all their needs are taken care of. We constantly need to prepare for arising biological health threats. Bioqist will walk with you through the daily battles that you face as healthcare professionals.
 KN95 Protective Mask

Our 5 ply KN 95 respirator masks are selected and promoted based on the high filtration efficiency that is not available in most markets throughout the world. The masks' top recognizable efficiency is evident in testing to perform at a distinctive 95% bacterial filtration levels. What we are sharing are top grade masks that will express its defensive capabilities in peak position.
BFE95 Melt Blown Cloth

The filter layer in the middle of the JDL mask uses high-density melt blown non-woven fabric, which reaches BEF95 level, and its bacterial filtration performance reaches more than 95%! It is the core of JDL disposable medical mask. It has strong performance in filtering bacteria and preventing virus transmission!
BQist Bio – Mask & N95 Coffee Filters

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Flexi & Comfy 100%

Mask is built with recycled coffee yarn. Bio-based filter is built with latest technology, which combines coffee and Silver Nano (Ag), anti-bacteria and germs.

Refreshing natural coffee aroma! Flexi face-fitting with FlexKnit technology. Ideal for sensitive skin with Powerknit technology. Stylish, 5 urban colours to mix & match best to any outfits.

Washable mask (unlimited X Times). Economical & Affordable, filters options ranging from 30 days to 90++days. Odour-free air, effective in eliminating unpleasant smells.

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